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6 Best All-Wheel Drive Sedans and SUV Car List For 2018

The specialists of consumer reports have released their list of the best vehicles with three rows of seats available in the market today. The main purpose of all-wheel drive systems is to improve the ability to transform the energy of the engine into the movement of the vehicle. Several systems have different qualities and use. It is worth noting that the models were selected based on the seats, without taking into account other key considerations such as test performance and reliability. While larger SUVs and Sedan cars provide better access and more cargo space, it never hurts to take a look at the minivans segment. Here are the best all wheel-drive sedans cars list.

1. Lincoln Navigator

This luxury 8-passenger SUV is not a cheaper car. It is a car having the capacity for 8-passengers. The starting price is nothing less than $64,710 and his "heart" is a V1 of 380 horses. Fuel economy is not your forte as it delivers 15 mpg in the city and 21 on the highway at best. But yes, very comfortable.

2. Chrysler Pacifica

The all-new Chrysler Pacifica (Minivan) has a starting price of $29,590 and under the hood has a 3.6 liter Penta-star engine, V6 that works in communion with a 9-speed gearbox. Also, there is a hybrid version of $43,090. It has also space for the eight passengers within the car.

3. Honda Odyssey

This Honda model remains one of the most popular and reliable sedan car in the market today. The new generation of the Odyssey comes with many improvements for the 2018 model as the Magic Slide system, which facilitates access to the third row. The price has not been released yet.

4. Chevrolet Traverse

There is a 2018 model of the Traverse that will be arriving soon to the dealers, accompanied by a whole series of improvements. The smart slide system allows easy access for 8 passengers travelling in the third row of seats. The base price is 29,595 dollars.

5. Toyota Sequoia

One of the largest SUVs on the market is the Toyota Sequoia. It is powered by a 5.7 liter V8 engine and has a starting price of $46,755. It is one of the best three-row car options.

6. Dacia Lodgy

The Dacia Lodgy is a compact, low-cost minivan. It is available with a single body, with versions of 6 and eight seats, It diesel and gasonline engines develop between 90 HP and 115 HP. The Daia Lodgy has the honour of being the most economical of the seven market places and not for that the smallest. Its tight price and maintenance cost are explained by very poor finishes in design and materials and a range of low power but also low power motors.

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